Aamina Sheikh looks for more

Aamina Sheikh
Aamina Sheikh

Aamina Sheikh boosts primetime shows and gazes down from billboards everywhere “Frankly speaking, she is as big they get these days”, writes a noted entertainment scribe.

“I have already done it all”, Aamina says, and wants more. “The reality stays the same and the storylines have been done to death… I have not done a TV serial for some time now because everything that I come across I have already done before….I have to create an opportunity to do something different” she says

Her motivation now is “to combat the lack of diversity…In other markets the systems are in place and specialised so that actors make a conscious effort to work as a film or television actor. Since our market is tiny and we do not have a running film industry; no actor can really depend on just one source to make a living or a career”

She’s looking for international offers too and says she has none yet, “but I do think beyond this geographical limitation…so I tend to think that one needs to make proactive efforts to find opportunities outside of Pakistan while maintaining a career progression here”

“Amina’s ‘boot camp’ approach to life has been encouraged by her projects’, the scribe notes drawing the response: “I trained as a sprint runner for Bhaag Aamina Bhaag, when I realised that the producer expected me to sprint at any time he said action…. For My Punjabi Love for You, I trained for two months in martial arts”

Aamina is married and her husband Mohib Mirza, is also a busy star. But this does not faze her. She says, “With a little proactive planning we can work things out to spend time with the family and be with each other as long as we make it a priority. In fact, if one of us was in a different career, it might have been a problem”

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