Apple iPhone 4S VS Samsung Galaxy S3 Some Important Features to Know

Iphone 4 vs samsung s3Pros:

  • Large HD super amoled screen
  • Powerful quad core processor at 1.4 GHz
  • Large 1GB RAM
  • Strong codec support for multimedia
  • Intuitive and friendly touchwiz nature UI based on android ice-cream sandwich.
  • Very light weight at only 133grams


  • The large screen can be difficult to use single handedly
  • The phone has an all plastic body which lowers the overall feel of the phone
  • The capacitive buttons are placed far too close to the edge making accidental presses often.


I have been using the device for nearly a week now and at first sight it striked as too large which later wasn’t an issue. The device itself has a nice feel and is nice to the touch and handling is far above average for android powered devices. So we can say that iPhone 4s have selected a nature based and inspired software which is very easy and comfortable to use.

The build:

The device is sturdy, comfortable in the hand but perhaps a bit too large for easy one handed use. The all plastic body does benefit it in the sense that it’s light weight and won’t take too much damage from accidental slips.


It’s an absolute marvelous thing to look at especially under the sun where its pebble blue really shines and stands out. The rounded edges seem to go after the samsung galaxy nexus rather than the galaxy S2 which was its predecessor.

Under the hood:

It’s powered by a 4212 quad core exynos clocked at 1.4 GHz cycles and the power is beyond anything else on the market at this time. The Gig of ram makes sure there is plenty of space for even the most heavy multi taskers and their power needs. Videos run all the way upto 1080p without the slightest stutter or lag and no frames are dropped.


The camera is still at the unchanged 8 mega pixels but the sensor has been changed from the iPhone 4s and it has no noise or color deterioration in good lighting but as soon as the lights go out the noise levels rise and pixels begin to lose their quality, but rest assured there is a very powerful flash accompanying the camera sensor which has the ability to easy light up scenes as far as up-to 10 feet of complete darkness. The camera can render great detail and at a max resolution the images range from 2 to 3 megabytes in size. The video quality goes up-to true HD 1080p and has a huge amount of resolved detail.

Play store:

The android play store rivals the apple app store but still lags behind in terms of number of apps and popularity. Nevertheless it still stacks up as an extremely powerful entertainment device with all that power even the most graphic intensive apps run smoothly and blazing fast. Games such as GTA3 for android, shadowgun, gun brothers and N.O.V.A. 3 are played at great levels and the 4.8 inch HD screen is perfect for gaming providing roughly 70% more surface area than the iPhone 4s screen offers.


Samsung have dubbed the version of apple’s siri. “S voice” I have had ample chance to use it and while it’s far from perfect it does seem to get the job done and understands Asian English accents better than siri. While there are witty jokes like siri here a voice is still really fun software to use and can if used properly be a very powerful asset in handling the phone.


Battery life is acceptable on the galaxy s3 and even though it has a 2100mAh battery it only lasts a day – not surprising considering the monster HD screen and 4 cpu processors Recharge time is very good and a full charge is achieved in less than 3 hours.


The captive keys are very close to edge making typing in landscape mode difficult. The processor is very power hungry and the standby efficiency of the device is not upto par. The phone is too large for easy handed use and this really hampers people who often find they using the mobile with a single hand.


Samsung have burst into the quad core scene with the galaxy S3 and it’s nothing short of amazing. The software is a pleasure to use and the hardware isn’t what we wanted for a flagship device but still does get the job done. This time around it seems Samsung have cut no corners and want the android supremacy crown all to themselves.

Muhammad Irfan

The writer is assistant editor at Lahore Dispatch. He writes on Technology, education and Sports. You can find him on Google+

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