Best Pakistani dramas 2014 of HUM TV

Pakistani T.V. dramas have always been rated highly. Whether this comes from the unique stories written, or brilliant acting performances, they are equally appreciated on both sides of the India-Pakistan border.

All dramas have their own special reason for acclaim and their very distinctiveness adds to the pleasure of the fans. Thus a listing of the best Pakistani dramas of 2014 in order of precedence becomes a difficult task. Nevertheless, Lahore Dispatch ventures to rate the top dramas of 2014 as shown below:

Best Pakistani dramas 2014

 Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai

Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai


Romaisa is the main character of ‘Muhabbat Subh ka sitara hai’. She is lonely and deprived girl catching the sympathy of the audience as she struggles to find her ‘sitara’. Aired on Hum TV, the drama is going strong.

Bunty I Love you

bunty I love you
Best Pakistani Dramas 2014

From the writer Kalil ul Rehman Qamar, Bunty I Love you is drama serial which portrays a rich and beautiful widow, Dania, falling in love with a poor but handsome guy, ‘Bunty’. Dania lavishly spends on Bunty to win his attention and love, but he spends most of his time flirting with other girls. The twist to the tale is when Bunty finally falls in love with a girl.

Ru Baru

Drama ru baru
ru baru drama

Ru Baru is also one of the best Pakistani dramas 2014. The story of Ru Baru revolves around the young Sahiba, whose fate is decided by her grandmother and uncles after her parents’ death. Sarmad, her cousin’s friend, become the root cause of her engagement breaking up and soon after he marries her. The drama airs on HUM TV on Thursday at 8:00PM.

Zindagi Tere Bina

Drama Zindagi Tere Bina

This is the story of the families of two brothers. One brother Iqrar Ahmed suddenly dies to leave his wife Samia and children behind alone and unattended. His brother, Waqar Ahmed’s wife is rude and ill-mannered and he begins to be attracted to Samia.

Most of the best Pakistani dramas of 2014 are aired on HUM TV, but if you want to add a drama you consider worth-watching on another channel, please let us know and we will add it to our list of the best – of course after watching an episode or two!

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