Brief Synopsis of Pakistan’s Furniture Industry

The total world trade in furniture is estimated to be $23.2 billion, of which the share of wooden furniture is 77 percent.  

Italy is the world’s largest exporter of furniture and the United States the biggest importer.  Pakistan’s share in the international wooden furniture market too date is much less than its potential, despite the fact that the country has a history of craftsmanship and innovation in the field of wooden furniture.

envogue 2Wooden furniture is manufactured in Pakistan by a large number of cottage and small scale industries, spread over rural areas, small towns and cities with the main concentration being in Gujarat, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Chiniot. Whereas Chiniot has historically been the hub of hand carving talent, lack of resources and quality benchmarks has left it far behind Lahore, Karachi and Gujarat in terms of quality.

Domestically, the industry faces great challenges in the form of rising input costs, frequent power outages, political unrest, and cheaper imports from China, Thailand, and Korea.  Lack of educated and quality conscious manpower, mechanization in production and most importantly lack of anti -piracy laws to protect product designs further exacerbate the situation. On the sales side, poor economic conditions in the country have adversely affected the consumer’s purchasing power, which in turn affects overall furniture sales locally.

However, despite all the challenges mentioned above the industry has strengths which sustain it and makes it a strong potential candidate for export.  These strengths include a pool of visionary and talented manufacturers with strong design and aesthetics capability, highly skilled manpower specializing in handcrafted furniture, availability of indigenous wood with seasoning facility and the flexibility to customize and produce world class furniture in line with trends and tastes prevailing internationally.

“Handcrafted to Perfection”

Amidst these visionary and talented furniture production houses, the one name that stands out is “VOGUE”, established in 1983 by Mrs. Neelam Mawaz, one of the few qualified interior designers in the country.

Mission Statement: Vogue believes in design excellence, a deep commitment to quality and functionality of design,envogue 3 while celebrating and promoting the immense talent of the local artisans.

Overview: With over thirty years of experience in the furniture and interiors industry, Vogue has firmly established itself as an important player in both the domestic and the international market.  It specializes in producing a complete range of home and executive office furniture and interiors employing both traditional and modern techniques of wood craft, and using only the best quality raw materials, to create products with timeless appeal.

Products:  With its own customized manufacturing facility and its highly skilled craftsmen and professional design staff, Vogue has been producing exceptional quality furniture pieces for over three decades now.  From its ethnic Dewan-e-Khaas collection, classic Period Reproduction French furniture range to its contemporary Studio line furniture range, Vogue has it all.

Vogue specializes in producing exquisite hand carved, natural /colored wood inlay and hand painted works of art.  Vogue is one of the few companies which has managed to introduce ethnic designs to the international market by amalgamating traditional designs with contemporary trends.

Attention to detail and design at every stage of production and impeccably finished products is Vogue’s hallmark. A Vogue product is like a piece of art with the versatility to amalgamate and add value to any interior.

Clientele: With showrooms in the two major cities of Pakistan and regular exports to Beijing, Dubai and Dammam, Vogue boasts a brand loyal clientele, both local and expatriate.

envogue 1Interior Design Philosophy:  For over thirty years, Vogue products have graced and added value to both residential and office spaces, creating interiors which are unique and timeless.

Vogue’s philosophy for interior design is based on the fact that every individual and house is unique in terms of requirement and personal style.  Vogue strives to design interiors with a universal and everlasting appeal. It caters to all design tastes, ethnic, classic French / Mediterranean, contemporary chic or an interesting eclectic mix… Whatever the preference, Vogue guarantees the end result, exquisite interiors which are creative, practical and individualistic.

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