England VS Uruguay: Another Do or die match of world cup 2014

Uruguay VS England
Luis Suarez has recovered from knee injury

England VS Uruguay match is set to stage today at 3PM according to Eastern Time here at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo. Both teams have no choice except of scoring more goals and winning the game to go through. The winner team will have the chance to remain in the tournament and try to qualify to next stages of the tournament. Even a draw match won’t help any team.

England VS Uruguay game is another do or dies battle of world cup 2014. This world cup has witnesses many brilliant games so far played in the tournament.  England and Uruguay both have lost in their opening matches of group D.

When we have a look on head to head record of both teams, we can feel Uruguay as a better side so far. Both teams have played 10 matches in while Uruguay won 4 matches while England has won 3 matches, whereas 3 matches were drawn.

Impact Players: Luis Suarez is back in Uruguay team. He stayed on benches in opening match due to fitness problems. If he is completely fit today, he can impact whole match.

Raheem Sterling, 19, is a young and impressive player from England side. He showed quite impressive game in first match.  He will be worth watching during today’s crucial world cup fight between Uruguay and England.

Some other stats:

  • Uruguay has never lost any world cup match against England. They met twice in world cup and Uruguay remained winner each time.
  • They played their last match in 2006 and England won that match by 2-1.
  • Uruguay continued their record of not winning their opening match of world cup since 1970. They only won 1 game of world cup during their last six world cup appearances.

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