Designers break barriers


Pakistani’s both women and men, have gone crazy following fashion with new fashion designers drawing attention to local culture as well as modern dresses.

Lahore and Karachi are the two cities where fashion designers promote their brand and Karachi designers used to feature their work at FPW in Karachi while Lahore designers showcased at the PDFC in Lahore.

But Lahore’s designers have today taken a step forward and decided to participate in FPW in Karachi as well, and this step was welcomed by Xeeshan, a Lahore based fashion designer.

“I think we should stop using labels of Lahore-based designers or Karachi-based designers. Let’s call them Pakistani designers and be glad that the fashion industry is growing in the country.” he said.

When asked about his experience at FPW, he said that it was a business decision as the firm was opening a franchise in Karachi and it would be great exposure for our designs to be showcased at FPW-6 .

Another designer Manan, said that fashion industry is headed in the right direction. Both councils have made plans for showcasing the work of fashion designers’ dresses from their respective cities with Nomi already having participated in both the Lahore and Karachi shows.

Meanwhile Karachi’s Fashion Council has said that it was wrong to draw boundaries and that they were delighted that Lahore designers were coming to showcase in Karachi.

This is first time the two councils have decided on joint ventures to promote fashion in Pakistan and they are confident of making Fashion Week – 6 a success.

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