IPhone 6 photo leak reveals larger size

Leaked IPhone 6 image
Leaked IPhone 6 schematic

Leaked Apple IPhone 6 photos are rolling out on the web. The IPhone leaked image showed up on a Chinese website and then popped up on a French blog which has a good track record of leaking tech gadgets’ images before their release.

It’s long been rumored that IPhone 6 will come in two different sizes: one with a 4.7-inch screen and the other with a 5.5-inch display. The leaked images show us the schematic of Apple’s new generation Smartphone and from this we can easily predict that we will see the new IPhone 6 with a new 5.5 inches screen.

According to the schematic leak, the device will be 50 millimeters long and 85 millimeters wide which will give its screen 5.5 inches size diagonally. This size, would make it even larger than the new HTC One which has 5 inches display.

After releasing IPhone 6, Apple will join the community of ‘phablet’ releasing companies like Samsung, HTC and Blackberry. Phablet is a term used for the larger screen Smartphones. The craze was kicked off by Samsung two years ago with its first Galaxy Note release.

Apple is the only major company yet to release a giant sized handset and LG, Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry and others all follow in Samsung’s footsteps.

The IPhone 6 release date is yet to be announced, but this hasn’t stopped us getting concept images and designs for the upcoming device. The one thing is clear that new Apple Iphone will be the largest the company has released to date.

Meanwhile software improvements rumoured to focus on better mapping along with as fitness suggestions.

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