ISIL: The devil’s advocates proving unstoppable

The Islamic State or ISIL continues to make ground in the Middle East, but the news is that Russia and the US have agreed to confront the terrorist organization together, at least a peace accord in Syria.

The ISIL groups are viewed by most analysts in the region as proxies or contractors for one side or the other and not many in the region expect the blood-letting to come to an end until the US, currently the largest military power in the world, and Russia stop their squabbles.

ISIL meantime continues to pay havoc and is accused of having brought down a Russian airliner, carried out twin blasts in Beirut and, most the carnage in Paris.

It is difficult to conceive that ISIL acts on its own and manages to acquire its weapons by selling oil from the fields it has captured, then who is buying this oil and who is supplying this terrorist organization with arms.

ISIL-The Devil

If on the other hand, as some hold, ISIL is determined to fight and die for the Caliphate, then they are convinced that there is a supernatural force on its side.

Democracy is another outlandish proposal put forward by western analysts, which is as patently unreal. Democratic traditions have hardly ever touched the surface of Middle East politics with Kings, Sheikhs and Dictators ruling the roost.

US President Barack Obama has declined to intervene militarily in the regions and, other than obliterating the region with bombs, the European countries have shown little interest in joining fray.

What the US would like is for Syrian President Bashar al Assad to step down, while Russia has every intention of his staying on it has long been Assad’s partner in development and ally.

Of course the Russians could persuade Assad to resign, but this would put another flood of refugees on Europe’s borders, this time from Assad’s camp.

President Saddam of Iraq was captured and killed at America’s behest and this, but for Russia’s loyalty to him, might be the fate of Assad. But that would not solve the problem as it didn’t in Iraq. The vacuum would simply ensure the advance of the ISIL, which surely aspires for power.

In short, having unleashed the devil the West must be prepared to face the worst as the devil’s advocates now claim to be the servants of God.

Unfortunately, the Western media continues to portray Islam as the enemy of Christendom, leaving more young Muslims each day no choice but to accept ISIL as their only salvation.

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