World Cup 2014: Neymar gets new blond hairstyle after opening win

Neymar, the Brazilian football star got a new blond hairstyle after the opening match of World cup 2014. The Brazilian super star scored two goals in his team’s opening match against Croatia in world cup 2014.  He showed up new blond hairstyle in squad’s training session on Sunday. Dani Alves, his Barcelona teammate was also seen with silver dyed his hair blond and silver in the same training session. Neymar’s new hairdo right after an opening win shows that he is not superstitious about her hair. You can catch them in the pictures provided in the article.

Neymar yellow hairstyle
Neymar with his new blond hairstyle as seen on Sunday

Neymar’s got his head shaved from sides and front hair dyed with blond color, while Alves showed up slightly silver color on his short haircut. They both are known as constantly changing their hairstyles during tournament. Especially Neymar shows constantly changing hairstyles. The Brazilian fans of football hero were seen flocked around to show their interest in his new hairdo. The similar blond haircut was adapted by Romanian team in World cup 1998 at France.

Neymar and Alves hairdos
Neymar and Alves with new hairstyles

Brazilian team as well as people hopes a lot from Neymar in future matched too, as he illuminated the game by scoring 2 goals in opening match and led a 3-1 victory for his team. The Brazilian team had not been winning the world cup since past 12 years. Neymar has kicked off a good start for his team and Brazil’s hopes are on his shoulder in reaming tournament. People can see him in action with his new blond (yellowish) hairstyle in his team’s next battle in world cup 2014 on Tuesday. Brazil’s is going to play its next match against Mexico on Tuesday in the northeastern city of Fortaleza.

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