Nokia market penetration in Pakistan

The mobile industry, ever since its invention, has been constantly inventing and creating something new for its consumers. Today the definition of mobile has been broadened to include many other purposes than mere communication device. It is definitely smoother than all other electronic devices at home. Be it a toaster, television, remote, stereo system. Smart phones, as the name suggests are the mother of all devices. With these phones you can turn off the lights or control the temperature of the house, use it as television remote control, alarm, media player and what not.Over the past few years the mobile industry has been extremely competitive in terms of features, specifications, shapes and sizes. There are talks of many other players like Microsoft and Amazon, entering into the mobile industry. Facebook is also launching its own phone in collaboration with HTC. The big trend in the mobile industry in this year is that the HTML5 will help make smart phones cheaper.

Nokia MarketEvery mobile phone brand has had its golden era from Motorola, Nokia, Appleand now Samsung has been the reigning king in the mobile industry. Its strong distribution channels in Central Asia and South Asia gave the company the extra sales it needed to break the strong apple following. Samsung also beat Nokia as the world’s largest phone manufacturer. Nokia is a Finnish IT corporation selling phones in more than 190 countries worldwide. The decline of Nokia sales began after then invention of the iPhone. From there it was not able to keep up with the technological change at such a sudden speed and that too with price wars. The main reason for Nokia’s decline was poor value proposition. Market efforts should have been focused on the company’s core competencies.

However setting their game right Nokia now plans on investing in more promising markets like that of South and Central Asia. Nokia strives to get back Pakistani and Indian Mobile market through the traditional bar phones. Even the huge potential for application consumption in Pakistan is good news for Nokia as android apps can be ported to Nokia S40 platform. However increasing sales in Pakistan was not easy for Nokia, as it is a price sensitive market. It met competition in the shape of cheap Q mobile bar phones. In this regard Nokia has the first-mover advantage. Pakistani’s trust Nokia, and take their products as reliable and long lasting.

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