Queen Elsa of Frozen appears in Once upon a Time

Queen Elsa in Once Upon a time
The very last moment of Once upon a Time

A big surprise lay in store for watchers on Sunday night with the ABC drama fairy tale series Once Upon A Time when an interesting turn was introduced at the end of the episode. This clever twist to the tale and is said to have since attracted an even larger audience to the already hugely popular TV serial.

In the dying moments of the last episode, a blue light appears like a mist to magically find the shape of a blonde lady in blue dress. The lady (shown from back) in the blue dress, gloves and trails, is none other than Queen Elsa from Frozen.

Frozen is one of Disney’s all-time movie hits, and has reported grossed more than any other of the company’s recent releases. As ABC is owned by Disney, the plan of introducing Elsa into ‘Once Upon a Time’ must have been thought out a long ago, but the explanation to this startling last scene is yet to be provided, to lead to interesting speculation –  and, right after Elsa appeared on the screen, the internet world went crazy.

The series is already replete with Disney characters and has already attracted a wide audience but injecting the heroine of Frozen into the TV serial is a masterstroke. It will help increase its sound track and franchise sales.

The fourth season of One Upon A Time is now sure to include Elsa, (who became the Queen after the death of her parents), in an important role to entice still more viewers.

The TV series has managed to create a lot of buzz which will surely benefit the ABC as well as parent company Disney’ leading to more copies of Frozen being sold.

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