Security forces upset affairs at the Punjab University

The Counter Terrorism Department raided the University of Punjab and arrested three, including two professors for their alleged links with banned outfit Hizbut Tahrir early this week. The held teachers were identified as Amir Saeed and Umar Nawaz.

According to officials of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), one of the teachers was arrested from Hostel No. 1 while the other one was arrested from the Institute of Administrative Sciences.

The student rounded up from PU Law College was identified as Waqas and the detainees have been shifted to an undisclosed location for further interrogation.

The fresh raid was followed by detention of Galib Ata, an assistant professor of Institute of Administrative Sciences, from his residence in Allama Iqbal Town.

Institute of Business Administration Monday’s raid sparked a strong protest from a group of students and PU Academic Staff Association who demanded that the government and management immediately release the detainees.

In a statement issued later that day, the Punjab University’s (PU) Academic Staff Association protested the arrest of the teachers without any prior intimation to the administration.

The PU’s ASA President Prof Dr Hasan Mobeen Alam, Vice Presidents Prof Dr Abid Hussain Chaudhry and Dr Faheem Aftab said that there were serious reservations among the university teachers over the arrest of Prof Umar Nawaz and Prof Dr Amir Saeed.

They said that such a humiliating action against the teachers on the basis of pure suspicion, was both inhumane and immoral.

They said that the teachers did not carry any arms and if any sensitive agency had doubted any of them, they could have simply summoned them for interrogation.

They said each and every one of the PU teachers was ready to comply with their instructions to join any investigation.

“Any suspected teacher can voluntarily cooperate with sensitive agencies, but this is not the way to behave with teachers,” they added in the statement.

Since the National Action Plan has been introduced, many developments have been seen: the more rapid Zarb-e-Azab operation in North Waziristan against terrorists; the unveiling of sleeper cells in cities; and action against banned outfits; and now, there appeared to be a National Action Plan against “educated terror suspects”, without a shred of evidence being provided.

Attendants at the university said that this type of action would alienate both students and teachers and set the whole university up against all the security forces to further aggravate an already tenuous situation.

Muhammad Irfan

The writer is assistant editor at Lahore Dispatch. He writes on Technology, education and Sports. You can find him on Google+

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