Amazing Spiderman 2 emerges a winner


Spiderman 2
Spiderman 2 Poster

Directed by Marc Webb and though a little long, the film has fight scenes and villains galore to make for the perfect superhero escape movie.

The undercurrent of the story is that Peter Parker/Spidey (Andrew Garfield) has been directed by his girlfriend Gwen’s (Emma Stone) father to stay away from his daughter to prevent harm from coming her way.

With that in the backdrop, the film takes the direction of Spidey rescuing a scientist (Jamie Foxx) who works for the maleficent Oscorp. This scientist falls into a tank of eels generating electricity to become the villain Electro.

A sub-plot emerges with Parker’s friend-enemy Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) thought to be at death’s door and believing only Spidey can save him.

With these and other parallel plots co-running, the film can be confusing, but holds up on the score of the love angle with Garfield and Stone lighting up the screen whenever they are seen together.
Almost every film coming out of Hollywood these days adopts the 3D or IMAX format and Spiderman 2 is no exception. Thus stunning fight sequence between Electro and Spidey at Times Square, for instance, stuns.

Beyond this is there is the new showman Spidey who can’t resist a quick quip every time he captures a criminal. For instance, the first time he introduces himself to Paul Giamatti (a villain) he says, “Hi Mr Criminal, I am Spider-Man. You can call me amazing.”

And, when Electro tells him in the climactic sequence that he wants to become the new god of the city, his smart rejoinder is, “What, a god named Sparkles?” Superhero lady leads are usually damsels in distress. Not so, Gwen. She steps in to help Spidey every time she can, which might appeal to women

If the several cross plots leave viewers somewhat confused, the visuals effects ensure that Spiderman 2 emerges a winner.

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