The Eurovision affair

Eurovision song contest 2014
Russian twin singers

 There will be 26 songs competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 on Saturday-night. These are they, country wise, with one set of odds to win:


‘Not Alone’ that starts as piano ballad and thumps into an EDM anthem. Arem MP3 is already something of a celebrity in Armenia, and the country has never hosted the contest before so there is a good chance of it winning.   Odds 4-1


Twin Twin’s “Moustache”, in French, is a song about a man who has everything he could ever want except hair on his upper-lip hair. Odds: 14-1


Andras Kallay-Saunders was born in New York. He’s from a noble Hungarian noble family and “Running” is very serious contender. Odds: 3-1


“No Prejudice” is about bringing people together. In every other sense, it’s a pretty bad song. The lyrics sound like something you’d sing to kindergarteners to keep them from becoming racists Odds: 12-1


“Calm After The Storm” is from the Netherlands, performed by two beautiful and cool Dutch people and that’s about all. Odds: 9-2


Russia’s Tolmachevy Sisters, “are the perfect, and blonde, antidote to Russia’s ongoing spate of negative press”, but the he 17-year-old twins were booed when it was announced they’d advance to the final. Odds: 60-1

San Marino

“San Marino are the ultimate underdogs”. They’ve only been participating in Eurovision since 2008, and since then they’ve failed to qualify four time. This year, they finally made it to the big show with singer Valentina Monetta, who has submitted three entries for her country and announced “Maybe” as her swan song. Odds: 11-1


Sanna Nielsen’s “Undo” is a ballad. Nielsen competed seven times in Sweden’s ‘Melodifestivalen’ for the honor of representing her country before finally winning this year. Bookies have her down as the second favourite, rafter Armenia.  Odds: 3-1


Ukraine’s “Tick Tock” has the sympathy vote on its side, as well as a It might win based on the protest vote alone, as the Russians were booed during the semi-final. Odds: 7-2

United Kingdom

The country’s “Children of the Universe” by Molly Smitten-Downes has a choir singing “power to the people”. The chorus is very catchy and easy to remember. That could sweep it to victory. Odds: 5-2

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