The new face of Guess

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra:

Dark and sultry Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood actress and emerging singer, has been chosen by Guess to model its new line of clothing.

Paul Marciano, a founder Guess, wrote in an email. “Apart from her natural charisma she’s one of the most recognized and celebrated talents in India and international cinema” he wrote.

“For me, the proudest thing about it was being someone of ethnicity to break the quintessential bombshell mode” said Priyanka

To explain her interest I singing she said “No one from my country has ever done pop music internationally,” and “I want to do things that haven’t been done before”

As a child, she said, she and her family moved all over India because her father was an army surgeon in the army, but he pushed her to take singing lessons from the age of 3.

At 13, Ms. Chopra visited her maternal aunt in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A guidance counselor at her cousin’s high school persuaded her to stay and enroll, there while her mother returned home

After traveling around the United States with her mother’s family, she returned to India at 17, and planned a career in aeronautical engineering. Her mother, instead, sent a few shots of her to the Miss India beauty pageant. She went on to win the Miss World title in 2000.

Bollywood movie offers and product endorsement deals poured in. “I went from being a geek to a geek’s fantasy”, she says

She had quickly taken to acting but Anjula Acharia-Bath, a co-founder of DesiHits, a media company that caters to the South Asian market, said that she “had literally to stalk” her to get her to sing.

Nevertheless, Ms. Chopra seemed entirely comfortable on her first outing at the recording studio. She bopped in a leather miniskirt and black stilettos, with Nick Cannon easily singing to the hip-hop beat.

Talking about the Indian paparazzi’s interest in her personal life, she said, “I make sure I don’t have too much to hide”, and saucily adds “And if I do, I make sure I hide it really well”.

With many Bollywood films in the works, she sometimes toggles between Hindi and English when tweeting to her 5.5 million followers.

“I know director-speak, I know film-speak, but music, I have to learn,” she said

“I can’t say I have an endgame plan” she says, but I believe in: ‘Aim for the stars. If you fall short, you’ll fall on the moon’.  “I mean, the moon’s pretty good, too”

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