The Sarhi trend in Pakistan

sarhi in Pakistan
sarhi in Pakistan

The Sarhi trend in Pakistan is growing with the flood of Indian films and dramas on TV.

Pakistani women avoided Sarhis in the beginning, but there has since been a major jump of interest in them to draw the attention of local fashion designers.

Fashion designers have now come up with latest Sarhi designs, keeping the cultural norms in mind. Jamdani, Dhakai Benarosi, Rajshahi Silk, Tangail Tanter, Katan, Pabna and various other Bangladeshi Saris are now being worn in Pakistan.

The Sarhi is a brilliant dress worn on special occasions and designers focus on a complementing blouse with exquisite work, coupling it with a net Sarhi and a lighter colour of the palloo.

Bangladeshi saris are not the only ones adopted by Pakistani women. Others include several incorporations from the Indian culture which are further divided into northern styles, western styles and even central styles. The designs and look depict the grace and stance of their respective areas.

Beyond this, Pakistan has started to take on styles to incorporate their own sense of style and cultural ethnicity. A sense of a Pakistani sensibility is incorporated through colours and depictions. Where once the Sari trend in Pakistan had almost died out, it is now an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe.

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